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Furniture Safari

Custom Leather Furniture featuring Giraffe, Zebra and other Exotic Skins.

All of our Custom Leather Furniture is Made in Texas USA.

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Factory Workers

Factory Workers

About Furniture Safari

Furniture Safari's Trophy Room Collection is a leading supplier of high quality African d?cor. Our fine collection of exotic animal leather includes genuine Zebra, Giraffe, Natural & Stenciled Cowhides, and unique African Game Skins (Impala, Springbok, Kudu, and Wildebeest).

We offer an incredible Collection for you and your home which we hope you will enjoy for many years to come.

We founded Furniture Safari Manufacturing with the vision of designing, manufacturing and selling the highest quality, custom-made leather furniture available in the greater Dallas - Fort Worth, Texas area. Our goal is to make the highest quality leather furniture affordable and accessible to everyone. All of our leather furniture is Made in the USA.

The success of Furniture Safari, a USA furniture manufacturer, has exceeded their initial expectations. Not only does Furniture Safari deliver the finest custom-made furniture in Dallas - Fort Worth area, but their brand is in households throughout the state of Texas as well as across the USA.

We have built our company into a widely-recognized, well-respected business entity. Their custom leather furniture styles are sold throughout the USA by various furniture dealers. Furniture Safari Furniture Manufacturing, at 59,000 square foot, is an always-expanding venture. Divided into areas of expertise, designers, craftsman, leather cutters and carpenters work in tandem to construct and deliver the custom-specific pieces that make everything produced by Furniture Safari truly original.

We give full credit to the artisans and craftsmen who translate their concepts and designs into beautiful, one-of-a-kind furniture pieces.

Our furniture is built one piece at a time by skilled craftsmen who take great pride in their work.

It takes total commitment from each member of our factory team to create the kind of product of which we are all so proud.

We have a passion for great furniture design, a passion for our employees, and a passion for our customers," Mitch added. "Each one of these things works hand-in-hand with the other, allowing us to maintain our company's steady growth.

The exotic animal hides we sell are from animals culled from herds on African Game preserves. The entire animal is processed and all parts are sold at auction and used.

All of our furniture is made in Texas, USA

Factory Workers

Factory Workers

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