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Furniture Safari

Custom Leather Furniture featuring Giraffe, Zebra and other Exotic Skins.

All of our Custom Leather Furniture is Made in Texas USA.

Zebra Hide 16

Zebra Hide 16

Zebra Hide 16

Approximate Size 6 ft. by 8 ft. not including length of the tail.

Furniture Safari Zebra Hides - To buy this hide give us a call or click the button below. After clicking, you will have to select the hide you want from the dropdown menu in the Zebra Hide Product page, the next screen.

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All animal by-products obtained through legitimate culling exercises. We work closely with http://www.kznwildlife.com/ to ensure all products are legal, professional and safe)

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Zebra Hide 16 Zoom

Zebra Hide 16 Zoom

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